Who said Mommies can't be fierce?

Excuse me!? 

Who said mommies can't be fierce?

Watch as I serve you a quick #slay.

We've all had an encounter, an encounter with that one guy that has the audacity to say something along the lines of, "Man girl, you look good even though you are a mom."


That comment led to this blog post, which led me to a realization that there is a stigma about women who have children. That we can't be desirable. As if creating a miraculous human being wasn't enough! As if, the world does not rely on your magic mommy instincts to teach the next generation of the value in kindness, humility, and the well-being of those around around us. Mothers, thank you for raising the next generation of FIERCE leaders. 

You, my dear, have the womb of a unicorn and the beauty that not only your child appreciates but the loveliness that this world is looking for. 

Like myself, fellow mama, Beyonce has shared, "I feel more beautiful than I've ever felt because I've given birth." I'm not going to sit here and write that as a mother I've never felt unattractive, I think we ALL have been there. Regardless if there are children in the equation or not. The important thing to remember is the exact feeling you felt when you finally made time to look at yourself in the mirror and honestly say, " I AM BEAUTIFUL!" Go do it right now!

I'm serious...stop reading and say this to yourself before reading on! 

That's right! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! You know what? You are also FIERCE!

What does it mean to be fierce? And no, I am not counting Dictonary.com's outdated definition. We are re-inventing the word fierce. FIERCE means, being bold and knowing that even though you may not have life, parenting, your relationship all figured out, it's okay. To be honest, we are all figuring it out. Be FIERCE and own your uncertainty but don't allow yourself to dwell. Connect with new people, challenge yourself to be more understanding, and walk into a situation and show everyone that YOU got THIS! Because you do!

I hope you remind yourself and your momma that you two are gorgeous! 

You are strong! You are beautiful!

And yes, dare I say it, you are FIERCE!




Susie Gonzalez

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