Meica is a phenomenal photographer based out of San Francisco, and he inspired me to start this BEHIND THE LENS segment.  As a blogger, collaboration is the unique opportunity to go beyond your comfort zone.  Pushing yourself and constantly challenging your boundaries by interacting with people that you might have never connected with in the first place.  That is why I love developing and maintaining relationships, and consider it to be one of my biggest passions.

 Because I have a deep respect and admiration for people and their unique stories and creative talents, I wanted to start a new segment which allows me to introduce artists to my readers.  

BEHIND THE LENS will be your opportunity to meet these artists regardless if you are half way around the world.  The great thing about art is that you can admire from up close and within distance.  


I hope to bring awareness to these artists and help them share their unique story through visual story telling.  

Meica, is the first photographer that I want to highlight because of his beautiful esthetic and visual artistry.  If you follow him on Instagram, @meicavision, you can see the story telling taking place through out his photography.  

Here are just a few of my absolute favorite images from our photoshoots together.

  I met Meica, at my favorite coffee shop in San Francisco, called Home Cafe.  Meica and I instantly connected over our love for photography, creativity, and people.  As soon as I saw his Leica camera, it was pretty much a done deal and I knew I needed photographs done by him ASAP!  I've photographed with Meica three times now and each time has been full of laughter, great conversation, and awesome memories.  He was able to work with me and my VERY animated daughter, which is definitely a plus for all you mama bloggers, and was able to quickly adapt and keep Mozaic engaged. 

To give you all a better sense of Meica's photography and why you should work with him, I asked him three questions and this is what he had to say...

Q. What would you like to share about your photography style and what separate's this style from other photographers?

A. If I had to put a stamp on my style I would say it's a mixture of Creative Lifestyle, Fine Art, Simplicity/Minimalism and travel photography.  

I'm pretty sure anybody in the visual game can vouch for me when I say we all view the world in a different way and have different interests even within photography, for example I know some guys that only shoot landscapes, they will go to the beach at sunset and capture these bright orange sunsets where I personally wouldn’t even bring my camera to the beach because capturing a sunset does not interest me on the flip side I could be at a coffee shop and want to take a flick of my morning setup where the person next to me might only shoot portraits. So interest is just one of the many things that separate us all from each other.

Q. Can you describe what you would like your photographs to say about you, and how do you get your photographs to express that message?  

A. To be honest I’ve never really put thought into what I would like my photos to say about me, for me it's always been about expressing my passion for creativity not just taking a flick but actually creating a vision in my head then capturing that vision with a camera, similar to an artist that is painting they already have the image in their head there just putting that image on the canvas. I've always preferred the term visual artist over photographer not to sound artsier or anything like that but when I hear the term “photographer” I think of somebody shooting flowers or wild animals on a safari with a telephoto lens not saying that there is anything wrong with that at all! I just think the other term fits my work better… who knows maybe I’m just creating made up terms while I’m swerving off topic haha

Q. Dream Photography gig, what or who would it be?

A. Thats a tough one but If were talking dream gig it would be to photograph Frank Sinatra, Tupac Shakur, John Lennon and Jerry Seinfeld having a conversation over coffee at the spot they always go for coffee in the show Seinfeld. I think its called Toms Restaurant in real life but yea thats dreams right there!

I hope this was a great read for you all and I wanted to thank Meica for providing his time and sharing his light and passion with us during each shoot.  It was a pleasure being photographed by you.  I am beyond grateful to call someone as humble and down to earth, as you, my friend.

If you are following me on Instagram, then you have already seen the amazing work that Meica, @meicavision, is capable of creating.  Do yourself a favor and follow us both!

Annndd, as an added BONUS, Meica is offering my subscribers a discounted shoot with him.  So make sure you are subscribed to my newletter and simply DM him through Instagram, by July 31st, 2017 to book a slot.  He is offering a TWO hour session for $100 or a ONE hour session for $50.  Hurry, slots will fill fast!

If you, or someone you know, are photographers looking to partner up please DM me at @mommyandmozi on Instagram.  Who knows, you might be the next photographer I feature. 

 If you have any questions that you are burning to ask me, leave them below so I can share more with you.  I can't wait to hear all about your thoughts on this new segment.

Remember, your best is yet to come!


Susie Gonzalez